When your mind is thoughtful and heart is selfless, your body portrays the illuminating and irresistible beauty that lies inside of you.

When you start to see all things nicer, all circumstances positively and smile at your frowning enemy;

When you help a casual acquaintance and learn to give till it hurts, encourage an enthusiast, give hope to the lost;

When you share joy as much as you can and keep destructive thoughts to yourself and eliminate it;

When your mouth only speaks oh so humble words of wisdom or pure innocence, and the ambience becomes pleasant in your presence;

When you appreciate every little thing in your life and not take things for granted and walk with manners and confidence, bold enough to re-energize the surrounding with your good vibes;

When you stop judging people regardless of their looks, status, background or ability and embrace the truth that each individual holds;

When you learn from each and every experience and forgive from your heart;

When you hold no grudges, but live for the moment and spiritual growth rather than bragging about material possessions;

When you know you are doing the right thing with love, each second of your time on earth, not hurting anyone and your aura inspires people to bring the best out of them;

Then you know what it means to be a beautiful person, with a beautiful soul. It truly is a state of mind that only you can master.

We are not born with all of these virtues, but it can be acquired if we really wish.

With Love, Judecy x



Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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