Living in a world where we are forced to fit in with the majority, it makes us very hard to stand out. Being normal is just another word which basically means many people approve who you are, even when those many people are wrong. Normal is a category where almost everyone belongs to or they are forced to belong to. Basic human instinct operates in such a way that it distinguishes kinds by kinds and only accepts the kinds that feel like their kind of people. If some one dares defer, they point fingers and keep them aloof. Humans are hard wired and fear of change and uncommon situations disallow them to embrace something new and unheard of. However, there are many who chose their own path in life and again they go and look for their kinds. You see what I exactly mean.

Why does it take ages for a revolution to happen? Because humans embrace change very slowly, if never at all. People need approval, appraisal and confirmation from fellow beings to prove their worthiness in society. These are all mental manipulations inherited from our forefathers upon us. We spent so much time of our lives to fit in since the day we are born, that by the time wisdom tick our brain, we are almost dead or to some it never comes, they die properly fitted in.


amazing-life-peopleLife is so amazing and we are already missing out on so many things by fearing people we know and we do not know and we will never know. We should take care of ourselves and invest in ourselves for spiritual growth which will be worth it. We should allow things to happen to us without fear and not join the human race like a race. Life is not a race, no one remains forever, just do your part like you would do because you only have one life. Nobody knows afterlife. Or if you are so worried about afterlife heaven and hell mentality, take one life at a time, live in earth first. Just do not harm any living being. Just be easy on yourself and be happy.


As long as you are not doing any harm to another person, it is totally okay to diverge into your own way of life. It is okay to find your meaning of life. Let fear not stop you from doing what you want to do with your life. Fear is born in society, fear of being out casted, fear of being looked down upon, fear of abandonment, fear of name calling and fear of all the unknown things and all fear comes through people. People give you fear, they want you to be like you otherwise you are nothing. If all your fear was born among people, they are not going to last forever too! So why should you stop yourself from doing your thing you always wanted to do? We should implant a fearless thought within ourselves so that we all can do amazing new things that the world would have never seen before. 


Time is just a concept that humans created and age should not be used as a means of restriction. We should be free to be childlike, enjoy life with free spirit until our body stops working. We need mental liberation to be free from the mental bondage implied from birth. We should not think of our age when our heart is still young and live our life without unnecessary burden. Age is only skin deep, and how can we be so superficial to relate life with skin?


So feel the energy, be the real you and live every day a little extra-ordinarily your own way because being normal is just a norm.

With love, Judecy x



Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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