Success basically needs two things, dedication and perseverance. Having said that there are small things in life we often overlook which might be the foundation of our success. Before thinking about big goals, talking big talks and searching desperately for the route to overnight success, we should remember basic things that come naturally to us and apply those schedules to our daily lives and make them our lifestyle.  They are simple things that are over said and overheard, yet under done. So let’s see below and refresh our minds with these basic guidelines:

  1. Don’t be scared of hard work

Yes, we live in a smart world, smartphones, smart cars, smart minds and smart Universe, and we are all very smart in figuring out what works well for us, how to do and when to do, goals and dreams bla bla bla, however at the end of the day why do we fail time and again to accomplish those goals? Now if you are the kind of person who googles everything prior to making any decisions, then you must have seen the line ‘Don’t work hard, work smart’ everywhere. So what’s the difference between hard and smart? It is in fact the same thing after all. Don’t buy in to the words that say you don’t need to work hard. Life’s greatest things come from working hard day and night on your plans. Being smart is working hard on something without being distracted, openly or secretly. Yes, it’s working hard that makes your abs crunching, calories burning, website traffic building, selling, acquiring, completing or creating a successful business out of scratch. It is working hard that is so simple to understand but often forgotten. It is working hard that pays off what you desire. So don’t be ever scared of hard work.

  1. Let people keep assuming and talk things – you don’t lose focus

Most often, big distractions come along when we are about to set our foot tight on our plans and are ready to launch into something big. They may come in various forms but most of it comes through people. They are people close to you, friends, and families, friends of friends, social media friends, colleagues, strangers or people from your past and from your imaginations. They will always judge no matter what you do, they will always have opinions and idea of a perfect life, they give you advice, they ask you why and how, they tell you things that has nothing to do with your goals, they say things to you, or on your back or through people, they become curious, they assume a lot, they put you under pressure to live a life in stereotypical ways that could be against your life’s philosophy, they stay, they come and go, basically they are always there. So we must accept the fact that people will always be there talking and talking so let them be there, just ignore them, and focus hard in achieving your goals and nothing else. You do not need to respond to all of it. You don’t need to take in the negativity. The sooner you learn to ignore, the sooner success will kiss you.

  1. The problem is we don’t do in reality what we do in our thoughts

 The world has produced a billion thinkers and we do not want to end up being a thinker forever. We must create a plan to convert our progressive thoughts to reality. Sometimes thinking leads us to genius ideas but the ideas remain ideas if we don’t do something about it. So many times we fail to move our body to act upon the things we would love to do. We either give into procrastination or become complacent or lazy or keep thinking just too much about it, or may be feel it’s not worth doing it.

We can be in dilemma many times about what and how and complain that we don’t have time, means, resources or whatever it requires. This is exactly why billions of people remain the average human. If all of us did the things, worked a little bit everyday towards our dreams then the world would be full of successful and happier people.

  1. Don’t rely on anyone apart from yourself to get success

 We may be independent in our thoughts and principles, but in reality we could be secretly wishing to win a lottery, or meet a rich someone along the way who could lift us out of trouble, or maybe someday God would be generous with us or something great happens to our lives out of nowhere by luck. Most of us even spend the whole life thinking that someone else is there to help at times of deeper problems. This is the way to disaster disguised as hope. Nothing is going to happen, if we don’t work ourselves, nobody is born lucky, successful people keep trying and make important decisions carefully, they challenge themselves with a positive attitude and along the way, they meet success, one open door leads to another and things start happening for them, nothing is overnight, out of nowhere or maybe you think life is not fair to you? Delete that from your minds who ever gave you that impression to you. Life is fair, you receive the exact results you asked for and worked for.

  1. Don’t be afraid to give your 100%

 When you think of why life’s not been up to your expectations no matter how hard you try, ask yourself if you have given your 100%? Used your brain 100%? And worked for it 100%? Because, 99% of the times, we don’t give our 100% before judging our own capabilities. There is always space for new ways of doing things if one doesn’t work, there are always room for working more, giving our best shot again and again until we don’t get there. We can never outperform ourselves; we can never be the best if we are afraid to be what we really want to be. So give your 100% to anything you do and see how life transforms.

  1. Forget about society’s stereotypes – don’t let them dominate your life’s decisions

 Living among stereotypical people is very hard, you feel people don’t understand you, you don’t fit in among your group of people and because of these feelings, you might take decisions in life that you were never supposed to make. Society can give you pressure, it can totally damage your individuality, it can belittle your dreams until you make it a big thing. We all face it no matter where we are, there will always be someone or something that will try to pull you back from moving forward. Just remember, you do not have to overthink about people‘s opinions, you do not have to listen to them with the fear of gossip, and having been left alone. You don’t have to follow the footsteps of others that you totally disagree with. All stereotypes think the same, and they try to make everyone the same. Remember it is your life, you get it only once, decide what you want to do carefully.

  1. Work on your plans every day for a year and you will see the results

 Okay, this may be the most simplest of all the points if you think but we don’t stick to it like we should be. If you look around, anyone who has had success came through to them gradually, one day at a time, because they worked towards it consistently, every day, every week, every month with a great focus. They did not give up, they did not expect things to be great overnight, but worked hard every little time they had. You too can do it, if you don’t. you will get nowhere. So believe the words, work towards your goals & dreams every single day for one year to start with. Then you will see the amazing progress you will have made throughout.

  1. Train your mind

Unless you are brainwashed, you cannot believe you are born dull, untalented, average or not intelligent and you cannot achieve anything you wish. All humans are capable, sharp, intelligent, creative, amazing and outstanding. No one is lesser than anybody else. It all depends on how effectively you use your brain. It is essential we think about this often and check whether we have been oiling our minds properly so that it’s working 24/7 for us, for our benefit, and not against us. So in order to sharpen our sleeping and un-resourceful minds, we should feed it with positive thoughts, attitudes and a vision. We are what our brains tell us, we become what our brain tells us, so better take control of your brain and lead it where you need to go.


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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