I was talking with this lady, middle-aged, her facial tones reflecting struggle, patience, maturity and humbleness. Her eyes were sharp as a light shining on the sword, and her occasional smiles came from deep inside her heart when she really felt like sharing one, otherwise you would just wait ages to see that beautiful glimpse. You would always wonder what she'd been through. Well, after my chat with her that day, I am walking every step of my life carefully selecting different options that I know I can choose from.

That particular day I had received quite a few emails from her. It was more than just black and white. She had changed her font colors to purple, red, blue and pink on every occasion. My focus was more on the colors rather than the actual content of the email. My initial thought was that she was just being childish or that she might be having a really playful mood! But when she did it repeatedly, I could not wait to ask her about it, and then I got a one line answer! 'You have so many options!' saying this, she smiled at me. I gave her back. And those 5 words touched me so much that I almost got hung up with a mind convulsion for a few seconds to know what I really understood was what I was really waiting to hear! Indeed it was. Those little words taught me a lesson for life. I realized I had gotten so many options in life likewise. It's either I want to stay happy or gloomy, go adventuring or just stay inside my comfort zone, to be a better human being or live with a selfish ideology, live my life to fulfil my dreams or stick to the stereotypical so-called 'different stages of life'? I would definitely go for the best to make myself happier, which means I should live each single day of my life as I would have always wanted to. It’s all up to us and we can add so many colors in our lives just by making our mind to think in a certain favorable way to reach out for the best option life has to offer.

Since that day, I am always going for the better option. 🙂

It is actually how we allow our mind to control our lives. I think it's better we sometimes let go the grudge and see what else is waiting for us out there! (Cheers to my colleague's email that day!)

With Love, Judecy x


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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