anifesting rituals have always been practiced by humans since the beginning of time. They have been recorded and passed along generations and everyone has a different understanding of how it affects our life and everyone follows their own ways of manifesting their deepest desires. Although the ways vary from person to person or society to society, they all work with one basic law of attraction and it all begins with an intention.

Intention means knowing what we really want in our life and visualising the things like we have them already. There may be so many things we want right now and it may all seem so difficult to have all of them at once, which does not mean they are impossible. When we make an intention of achieving our goals, whether it is living a healthy life, abundance of wealth or life filled with love and happiness, we tell the open universe about our desires. This is just the beginning and we can achieve all of it if we work towards achieving each day at a time. Manifesting is not something that is solely practiced by magicians or people with supernatural powers as widely misunderstood, but they organically reside inside each one of us, but not yet been discovered as the greatest power because it does not have colour, smell or a physical mystical bearing, but can only be felt when we are tuned in with the universe. To understand manifestation, we must firstly realise and believe that we human beings are filled with powers and we are the magical bodies in this grand universe; and by understanding means being aware of it from all our consciousness and feeling the energy surrounding us that are all part of the universe.


So how do we attract the good things in life? After understanding the above fully with our mind, heart and soul, we become ready to allow great things to happen for us because when we understand we deserve to have all the wonderful things in life and that manifesting is real, and is the greatest gift of ability we have, we will start attracting wonders. It may not be overnight or the sooner we may have expected, but manifesting correctly will definitely bring a better life for us in the near future.

So what after putting out intentions to our dear imaginations and believing that we can have them all? How do you think things will automatically flow? Does it need a magical spell or does it appear out of nowhere? No, it is neither. It will come with your willingness to work towards achieving it. The good thing is, by simply creating intentions and believing, we will already be half way through achieving our goals and the only thing we need to remember is to keep our intentions intact and keep believing that we can have it all in good time. This is the greatest direction anyone needs when their life is flowing all over the place and teaches them how to focus and get aligned to the path of dreams becoming reality.


Believing comes with greater bonuses like motivation, determination and most important of all positivity. All of these combined with your devotion, hard work and the extent of how badly you want that thing in your life, will bring the exact result you will have wished for. The greatest secret no one tells you about manifesting is staying positive throughout the whole process. Positivity is the greatest asset we humans have, and we should leverage it in bringing transformations into our lives from settling for okay to having the best version of our prospective lives.

There are thousands of ways to say and explain the law of attracting good things, but all points down to a simple human ability to get our minds inclined towards positivity. Because there is no better judgement of positivity ever stated, than saying that it will keep us going all the way through, wiping off doubts and feelings of giving up on the way.

Surely good things happen to those who believe and work hard, and are ready to manifest their deepest desires of their lives.

With love, Judecy x


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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  • Hanna

    Enjoyed reading, lovely insight. Hanna xo

    • judecy

      Thanks a lot for your lovely feedback Hanna 🙂 xo