You will know a person who lived all her young adulthood with dreams of a self-fulfilling prophecy that neither got fulfilled in a way she initially anticipated. Not that the dreams were larger than life, but they were deeply contradictory to the conventional way of living.

The world was sometimes nothing but a particle of dust for her, and other times it was too big to gasp, too overwhelming to process all the knowledge passing through billions of her body cells, each micro millisecond of time. There were moments she realized she was on the journey of enlightenment highly untouchable thoughts of light and wisdom pouring down from the unknown source, feeling free and invisible possessing the power of air, and next there were moments of crushing down inside the human shell, self-absorbed, dark as doom, carrying the minuscule burden of physical life and all the problems you can imagine it brings along, there was no escape and everything became impossible. Perhaps this is what happens when you are not too sure of what to do with your newly found treasure of body-free life and enlightenment, or maybe she had flown too high that merely looking back the old journey and browsing old memories down there, was like falling hard on her head upside down. Whatever it was, it left an irreversible imprint on her soul. That transcendental journey she named earlier made her realize, she was no more one, she was no more what she always thought she was. She was more, she was timeless and ever expanding and an essential part of the timeline or history or future or whatever existence and information ever meant or mean to anyone in the universe as we know of and beyond. It was bigger than what we could all ever imagine. Being was a disguise, conspiracy, blessing, a plan, a system, a design, an imagination, a playground, a feeling, a movement, an expansion, a research, a goal, a fantasy, a curse a nuisance, and all such things we know in words, but then again, our words are only limited…………

TBC, Love, Judecy x


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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