An example of how our minds work.

If you are different than me, I immediately create a protective invisible boundary around me so we don't even try to know each other! I create a perception of you, the moment I see you. I either choose to like you or dislike you.

If I make up my mind to like you, I will disregard anything being said against you in the near future. If I chose to dislike you, and later it turns out you are just like me, it will take me ages to reconcile my first perception of you with the real understanding of who you actually are because these two are poles apart. Here, I genuinely question my ability of knowing a person at a first glance, just like that.

Similarly, if I liked someone from the beginning and when they slowly wash off their human coated layers and see their true version, I get a huge shock of disbelief and hate myself for having a terribly poor judgement. I somewhat knew it on the back of my head, but this perception had me blindfolded for a long time. Again, I failed in my ability of judging people!

Anyway, I had to judge every other person I saw every other day anyway.
Next time, I will be more careful before throwing myself into the pool of presumptive perception about anyone out there for my own safety. Because most of the time I am bound to be in bad shocks and some of these can cause serious damage of heart and mind and we start to lose faith in goodness.
Oh dear! I better not make every other day a judgement day.

Love, Judecy xx


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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