Your calling may not have a voice but you can sense it. All your surroundings, people, places, things and circumstances tell you to see the things but they’re being ignored all the time. The various mediums they use to send you messages ask you to observe, take a time to hear out, and move your life in that direction. Your calling, it may not speak, but you will know it is trying to tell you many things.

‘Being human’ is being interpreted all the time in all possible ways and the most damaging effect has been done by the one which says, we are superior, different and the rulers of this planet. We do not realise how our thoughts and creations have sometimes negatively influenced and capsized the balance of nature and trivialized spiritual way of living. The world has become more material than ever and humans consider plants, animals and things to be a thing of a junkyard. Whilst moving forward with this unstoppable world, we have only gone backward in meaningful connections and appreciation of our surroundings that we once valued like we valued humanity. So the Calling is telling you to be more sensitive to everything we see, hear and sense, from the downpour of hailstorms, to the migrating ants inside your home, to the unwanted quarrels at home, to the soul draining situations at your work, the moment when you miss the train by a second, or the slipping off that wine glass from your hand to a hard floor. Things happen when there is imbalance in the air, they are invisible things, and when our thoughts and actions disturb the frequencies of earth energies, nature responds. When we ignore the hostility around us, things try to balance themselves in their own ways. They are our by-products but are independently innocent. The cause and effect theory, although being a scientific phenomenon, resembles our core nature. The more we go off balance, the more it becomes harder to contemplate to the origin of it, so much that we might completely end up losing the plot. In the mean time, signs are thrown at us from all corners of light. And it is up to us to listen and act on these callings. You may call them your guardian angels that come in the form of humans or as animals, through falling leaves or through rains, may be in your dreams or by an unusual conversation with a stranger; just observe the little things. When nothing seems what it really is, follow your instincts as they are the powerhouse of your existence, your present and your future.

Spotting a calling

Callings are real

An imagination can be confused with callings, but imaginations only happen inside our minds, but callings are real things that you see, hear, feel or sense and you know when it’s a calling, you are definitely not dreaming.

You remember it out of the blue

Things that you have noticed recently but you have ignored will suddenly pop in to your mind out of nowhere afterwards; it’s a gentle reminder to act on it right away.

You feel relieved after you have acted on it

There are times when you feel stressed out and you can only wonder why you are feeling that way. However, at the back of your mind you know exactly what it is that’s bothering you. When you come to that level and remove your fear and ego and do what you are supposed to do, that feeling of heaviness disappears. You are enlightened one more time.

It is for the good

In the chain of energies and cause and effect, you may be sitting there entangled for a long time holding unto your good intentions even after the biggest tug of war, then hold on right there. It may take you longer to cause back that ripple effect and break the chain, but if hanging in makes sense to you then do it. Listen to your gut, it’s for the good. Time is not your enemy, negativity is.

It sets you free

No matter how big or small the thing may be, responding to your calling will always set you free. If there’s something that you know will set your mind free, then it’s your calling. The freedom of letting go, the freedom of forgiving, the freedom of being in touch with your spirit, the freedom of speaking your mind without being judged by your own mind, and everything you need to do, that your soul is telling you to do, will set you free forever. Embrace it, it’s a calling.


Love, Judecy x


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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