There are times we fail to appreciate our alive body, the feeling of breathing fresh air into our lungs and the divine beauty of our whole existence. So many times we only think about one thing that we humans have created, that is ‘Stress’. While we take for granted all the beautiful and magical things within and around us, we become attracted to negativity and bad ideologies that we forget to see that our lives are much more than merely surviving. We completely ignore our blessings and opportunities because we are so busy building our so called life, rather than living a life. We forget that we are born to create our own destiny and that greater things are waiting for us to make them happen. We certainly have no time to believe that amazing things are bound to happen to us, and we make all the excuses in the world to support our views about ‘being normal’.

If you are reading this, you are already among the ones who are looking to do greater things in life. You are the believers and just need greater focus and perseverance to make that great thing happen for you. Yes, a little bit more of focus each day is all you need. The points below will help us realise how believing can change the way we look at and deal with life:

1. Believe that good things will happen to you

attract-good-energyIt all starts with believing. You need to believe that good things are bound to happen to you in the near future and it will continue to happen for you. You need to build this whole mindset of believing in greater things and that miracles do happen. You also need to believe that you are capable and worthy of having all your desires be fulfilled in time.

2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take charge of your life:

In all our minds and hearts, there is a constant battle going on between ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’, ‘can do’ and ‘cannot do’, ‘positivity’ and ‘negativity’, ‘hope’ and ‘hopelessness’ and all other thoughts that are opposite to each other and choosing one will either make or break us. You need to prepare your mind in such a way that you don’t let the downgrading thoughts to overpower. You have to train yourself to ignore low feelings and move on with the uplifting ones. It may not be so easy to do so when you are going through a lot in life, and cannot see a way out of your stuck situation, but feeling sorry, sad, unworthy and constantly repeating negative thoughts will not change your life. You need to stop feeling bad and take charge of your life and not expect somebody to help you out of our miseries.

3. Do not give Doubt any place in your mind:

doubt-and-fearWhen you begin the journey of believing and achieving your dreams, you will often meet doubt on your way. It may be the slightest amount of doubt, just starting to appear, but that makes a bigger damage to your plans than anticipated. Doubt generally comes in the form of fear and settles in your life comfortably in the form of procrastination, excuses of having a lack of time, and waiting for ''the right'' moment. They take a relaxed back sit on your sub-conscious mind and stops you from doing the things you always wanted to do. It all begins with that small seed of doubt you plant along with negativity that can completely steal your life and take away your most precious time. 

4. Believing is appreciating:

Those who believe in great things appreciate all little things in life because by appreciating means respecting and knowing its value. Someone who knows the value of something truly knows how to take care of it and will be taken care of by it in return. For example, Time is something we should appreciate. If you believe that time is what you need to make your life greater, you will respect it and not waste it. When you believe time has the power to change your life, you will nurture it and do whatever you have to let if not slip off your hands. Hence, you give and take equally. So like time, appreciate all things you have in your life, tangible or intangible, because everything makes who you are and forms a base of your future.

5. The Universe will react to your energy:


This is a weird but a true phenomenon of understanding our relationship with this universe. We are a part of this universe and everything that happens to us are the cause and effect of our actions whether they were intentional or unintentional.  So as a simple rule, when we generate positive energy, positive attitude, positive mentality, we open ourselves to bigger and nicer things in life than when we are negative. Our aura is something that can be felt and good uplifting aura attracts similar kinds. Our bodies are like those individual little magnets of energies and souls and if we learn to vibrate good energies, it will in effect bring on us good things. Yes, just think of the days you are happy and full of life, you feel everything is perfect and you wish those moments stayed. This is it. We must not give up on our uplifting energies, but make it the basic instinct that leads our life towards better things.

believe6. Believing will keep you going:

So this underrated human instinct of believing is the key to so many unanswered questions. We fail many times in life, sometimes we prepare to fail by not believing enough in ourselves, and not believing that good things will ever happen to us. Sometimes, we never try at all and tend to shift our focus from possibilities to excuses. We even ignore advice and suggestions from people who care for us to the extent that we become permanently shut down to anything good in life. And the only key to opening this closed-self is by opening our hearts to all possibilities without any pre-assumptions. The truth is we should trust this process of believing in good as a whole, then we can see things clearer which will light our path to betterment.

7. The magic lies within us:


We are the precious creations of magic. Everything from our feelings to our dreams, wishes and imaginations are all magic and they are there for a reason. When you close your eyes, breathe and feel your alive body and its journey from birth to this day, and think of many trips of joys sadness and numerous different experiences each day, you will find that there is something that keeps us going and makes us alive. The still moment of observation of our own life is in a way a bliss and magic and we must not make it any difficult by letting negative feelings ruin the flow. We don’t have any right to allow ourselves to fall prey to negative thoughts and doubts. We must continue to believe in our precious little thing called life which is inside our body which takes us through to so many beautiful journeys. Just let this life remain in the driver’s seat and let it be natural.

We must believe with all our heart to understand it and not miss a chance of being our true perfect self that nature has created. Once we believe in this, good things will automatically follow.

~ With Love, Judecy x


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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