One life to another, playing games of life, our whole life, and things get told, we see, we hear, we learn, and we remember until we are all gone, and we have no proof we take along all memories we make here with us to the other world. The things we do are for us, for here, for the moment and they disappear like fine dust in the air.

The temporary existence and the mysterious purpose with our being amaze me. Is it just a biological evolution? and we never really disappear or do we?

Recycled again and again whether as lifeless substance or as a living being. We are the remains of this grand creation, something someone created, or maybe we just existed.

What if there would be nothing, no Earth, no Universe, no Space anything at all. What would it be like if there was nothing?

In my younger years I used to believe I came from this nothing; my mind used to sink back and forth from something to nothing; but living years and years on earth, surviving this long here later changed my perception of our Being as a part of a divine something that mattered and had a greater purpose. However, after so many thoughts, and life time of experiences I now believe that our present life we see is just a virtual memory of our past that is being replayed time after time long after we were gone, and all that is happening is the past repeating in that moment which is no more real.

It’s like a Mr. Nobody watching replay of stored energies of all things that happened some billion years ago and trying to make sense of it.

That Mr. nobody is either a spectator, or a protagonist or something else. It is only being replayed inside itself exactly like a vibe we leave in a room after laughter or a serious conversation and we move on, leaving the energies, they have nowhere to go but relive in itself.

So the reality of it is that it’s a vacuum and nothing material exists. Our present is similar to that. We, our physical us exists no more, we are long gone, and nothing matters, that is why we know nothing matters in the end and it sounds truer to us than ‘life after death’ or anything for that matter.

We cannot take ourselves so seriously but just let it go and let it be. The reality of us is in good place somewhere else, and it’s being taken care of. ‘Now’ is just for us to see. There’s so much confusion and mystery about who we are and our purpose in this lonely planet Earth in this Universe, but not single valid proof of what’s there before and after life and all those theories written and told by people who have been here like us are all but speculations.

Past can only be explained by perceptions. The present is in the other side and future is not for us to worry it is too far away.

Love, Judecy x


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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