Sadness is an outcome of excessive negative thinking and we can wipe this feeling off by analysing the basic source of it and trying to exterminate it from the core rather than seeking temporary happiness by rather strange means.

1.       Get over your past

As a universal truth, the past can never be changed. Your past is something not in your control so stop thinking about what could and should have been. Instead, look out for ways to make your today better so that you don’t have to regret in the future again. Whether they are things or the person that you are relating to your past, remember they were just a tiny part of your life which should not matter to you anymore. Things happen and that is what life is all about. Live it new and fresh after each and every failure. Learn to bounce back.

There is a whole new part of your life waiting for you to live.


2.       Accept the truth that is bothering you

Most of the times we try to deny the truth, sometimes ignore it or make ourselves believe in something else that completely buffers the reality. Running away cures sadness only for the moment, but truth will keep lingering in your back no matter how hard you try to brush it off. If you accept the reality and embrace it, you may encounter unhappiness for a short moment, but you will be ready to move on after facing it on the face of it. Attend the truth and end it right there, you will feel much better in the long run.

3.       Believe in one good thing and stick to it

Sadness also comes to you when you lose focus on the things you once used to believe in; the things that used to be your motivation but you no longer take them seriously. It is normal to get influenced by external forces that make you lose track of where you are heading to. You might get caught up like water in a container not realising that you were meant to be flowing somewhere else. So think and restore the belief and perspective that you always had about your life and this world. Give your beliefs a chance once again and stick to it no matter what. Ultimately they will lead you to the place where you always wanted to reach.

4.       Believe in yourself

The most important point to remember is to believe in you. Believe that you can make your life happier.  Do not moan and complain about the things that thwart your way, but trust that you cannot be distressed by pessimism.

Appreciate yourself sometimes and write down the things you are good at and dwell on the positive side of things very often.

Everyone is unique and everyone has their own limits and abilities that people may replicate but can never replace; so discover the hidden side of you and keep a ‘can do’ attitude. When you build up self-confidence so strong, nobody can surpass you, because they are not you. This insight will undoubtedly leave you feeling better and give you the happiness you deserve.

5.       Change your lifestyle

Don’t let yourself get bored to tears that you sink in the never-ending pool of sadness. If you are waiting for a change and it is not happening for a long time, then understand that you may be doing the wrong thing in a completely wrong way. Monotony can lead to depression and it keeps getting worse if you do not deal with it immediately. It doesn’t need to be an enormous change to start with, but a little modification in your daily routine can help a lot. Every person has different desires and capabilities that are kept secret to themselves and they die with the person one day if not acted upon on time. Hence, avoid wasting time watching too much of television or using the internet and social media, but invigorate your mind to be more creative and different from what you always have been doing, all your life.

6.       Do what makes you happy

Now this is the most generic of all the points in this list and we hear everyone saying this. But why do we fail to apply it in our lives? Why do we stop ourselves from stepping out of our comfort zone and get jammed up in our thoughts. We as average human beings need a constant reminder that keeps telling us to do the things we love to do. We get distracted too quickly than any other living being on the planet.

When it comes to choosing happiness in life, we have to be our own friend, co-worker and teacher and not wait for somebody to really push us forward.

So let us all be our own inspiration, and do the things that make us happy. It will be an effort worth trying.

7.       Don’t force yourself into something you don’t like doing

Whilst we may try to do the things that make us happy, there is this tendency to strain ourselves by forcing things for the sake of it and not out of our interest. If this habit keeps repeating we would be consciously/unconsciously building up the stress that could be the core cause of sadness. There are so many things that we shouldn’t be doing at the sake of our happiness. We all have one life and sacrificing the joy for the undeserving and shallow things could build up a substantial liability of sadness and un-accomplishments that may take us forever to shell out. So give up doing those wrong things which are adversely affecting your life.

8.       Write down your feelings

When you feel very low and need to take the frustrations out, just write down the feelings on a paper. It not only helps you detoxify your mind, but also allows you to grasp the origin of your sadness. Keep on writing the cause and effect of your feelings and try to write down the ways to get out of it as well. Write down the things you would do if you were given a chance. Write down all the possible solutions and be honest to yourself. Sometimes it could be that you just need a quiet time for yourself to better know yourself before taking those important decisions in your life. So write them all down and you will find your own way.

9.       Read uplifting articles online

It is pretty convenient these days to seek advice or inspiration on the internet with the number of materials posted online. They all come from people who have had experiences of going through the same situation you are going through now and they give us a lot of indications, directions and even wisdom that comes in handy when you stumble upon something in life. Always look out for positive articles that lift your mind and spirit. As life is a learning process, you can acquire a lot of life changing lessons for free.

10.   Don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen

When you wait for a hard work to pay off, patience is the key, but you need to initiate that work in the first place before even imagining the outcome. Far gone are the days of sitting back and choosing destiny, fate and luck over hard work. This is a fast-moving era and we need to be moving hand in hand with time so as not to be left behind in any case. If we work smarter we will always be on schedule and will have no space in our life for agony.

With Love, Judecy x


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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