o matter how hard I tried to convince myself, I could not get rid of this weird feeling of nervousness before travelling to India being overly paranoid about women’s safety issues after reading so much in the news. I felt I was acting like a baby who was seeking care and protection at a level that was beyond normal for an adult who have travelled places on her own and I was not doing a solo travel to India, which would be quite something else requiring a different level of preparation, so my deepest concerns on this scenario were rather my over-cautiousness on a hindsight.

After much planning and anticipation, the day finally arrived. The first foot in Delhi, then to the Hotel without hassle made me slowly overcome my fears of getting lost in the crowd. The day followed by window shopping in the local bazaar and observing the busy life and the narrow streets where traffic itself seemed to be a sight seeing thing. We had no rush to get anywhere, so sat in our tourist minibus getting amused at every corner. The friendly locals approaching you to sell things that you almost fall trap of buying them by choice because they are so appealing to look at.

After few hours of rambling and getting soaked in 35 degrees of Vitamin D, we hopped into a huge Indian snack cafeteria. I must say, there is no shortage of variety of vegetarian food in India at all. Munching on the vegetarian version of Kebab called 'Haravara Kebab', the happiness I had, left me with all the good feelings of how the coming days was going to be. The mixing up in the crowd and laughing off our silliness during the trip soon converted my nervousness to a long-lasting beautiful experience. I learned from day one that there is no such thing like travel anxiety, it's just the fear of rejection and being uncomfortable over new situations that will overcome quickly if you relax and enjoy the moment and trust your instincts.

Enjoy the beautiful glimpse of my stay in India below:

Lots of Love, Judecy xx


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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