Today, no matter what you face in life, choose to rise above your problems and don’t give in to negativity easily. Most human problems start from negative thinking and when we dismiss this fact, the problems persists for as long as you let it remain. Another interesting psychological fact is that humans love sympathy, pity, attention, love and sometimes they tend to create an imaginary drama in their mind where the spectators are the people they know in real life and in the imagination, they see themselves receiving consolation, understanding and a helping hand from the people they like, and even receiving instant solutions from the almighty God. In this illusion and hope of building confidante, they actually drown into negativity even when things aren’t as bad. This gives them a satisfaction and approval to their ego that they were right, and it was the circumstances that were wrong. For example, nobody will try to hurt an already hurt man, similarly with the help of negative thoughts, a man surrounds himself with negativity so that no more negative things happens to him. This is a deep rooted psychological behavior that persists among us. This happens when we love self pity more than facing troubles with brave face. Basically, we feed our mind with what we want to feel like for the moment and we are trapped in this vicious circle.

The other psychological fact is that we see everything in our lives as a part of society, our loss, mistakes, endless list of minor or major problems, we see it as a whole world and we fear other people’s view about us even though no one is looking and they will never know what’s on with our mind. We feel guilt unnecessarily and compare our perceived poor life with people’s highlight moments.

But, what if there was no one to judge you? What if no one could see inside your mental and emotional shield? Would you still be having the same thoughts? Think carefully. Would you still take yourself so seriously if you knew that everyone you know are here temporarily and nothing will ever matter anyway? Do all these negative thoughts matter for any genuine good reason? Would you rather not spend your life being positive, resilient and carefree from this point onwards by believing in yourself? Wouldn’t you just say fuck it and move on?

Think again.

With love, Judecy x


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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