It did not occur to me out of the blue, nor did I bring this idea of soulful living along with me when I landed on Earth via my Mother’s womb, but I chose this way of living gradually, taking one day at a time.

As millions events in my life lead to one after another, I was contemplating each one of them and relating them with my past, present and prospective scenarios that made me realise we were all living a chain of resourceful energies that is hard wired into our beings.

Sometimes back, I was deeply moved by the external divine force as I call it, gently forcing me to take a route that I never thought was going to be a part of me on a hindsight. It wasn’t very pleasant in the beginning and it wasn’t a laid-out schedule of instructions as such, but it was like I was trying to figure out the connection of my past and present circumstances with the then future myself. There were no promises, no certainties but I felt that addictive instinct gravitating me towards light of my own that was residing well hidden inside my flesh body. Soon after I realised I was hiding from the Universal energies, the energies found me, pulled me out of my cocoon and that was the moment I started living in full consciousness.

In a nutshell, my body feels the same, my life is the same, my everything is the same as it is externally, but my perspective has transformed, and that has made a whole lot of a difference in every aspect of my life. I can say it is the best thing I have received in the journey of soulful living. Now I feel fully aligned and tuned in with the higher source of my light and I have met my natural ability to flow with the moment. I easily let go off everything that doesn’t serve me well and grudges, stress, anxieties and all things negative have no place in my spiritual world. I see this whole world as a spiritual entity and I believe material distractions are only there to serve the greatest sadistic human invention, the material human identity. I am glad I am awakened to this extent that I can write about my experience and share this with the world.

There are beautiful side effects of this realisation:

You become the loving Aura

The first thing about awakening starts with decluttering everything bad you learned since you started remembering things, so that you could replace the space with new loving energies, thoughts and beliefs, goodness and positivity. When you carry so much love, you spread the loving aura everywhere you go, like the smell of a scent you leave on the air. You will always feel good when you touch hearts and souls of people you meet along your journey and the surrounding atmosphere becomes pleasant. You become the loving Aura.

You vibrate on a higher level

In other words, your sense of being, your judgement, your perception, your thoughts, your actions and everything that makes who you are reflects wisdom, peace and power, that only means you don’t resonate with the downgrading negative energies. You can sense negativity from a distance so you don’t have to waste your energy fighting back and forth but you are able to discard them instantly. You connect with people of the same vibrations and you feel way happier.

You gain clarity and purpose

We all talk about dreams, visions, success and manifestation, however most of the time our minds are scattered all over the place to be honest and distractions grow so huge in our minds that it takes us ten years to get to the things which could have been done in a year. When we are not mindful enough, when we are lacking awareness about our basic human ability, it can take us forever to realise our true purpose in life. However, once you embrace the spiritual way of thinking, and endeavour to get enlightened each day, your life becomes clearer and clearer. You will receive guidance from your guardian angels instinctively, making you leave past unhelpful things and reach out to your real destination.

You will be satisfied

Satisfaction can become a vague subject for many when our minds keep wandering all the time. We accomplish great things in life but we often find ourselves working too hard to find the next task to accomplish to sense that relapsed satisfaction, and sometimes we spend our whole lives running around with badges of success without inner satisfaction. But when we take the path of awareness and seek spiritual way of life, we will find the cord that leads us to ultimate inner fulfilment. Satisfaction is intangible, and the truest joys of harvesting it does not come from material happiness in the long term, but it comes from joys of living a spiritually meaningful life.

The world becomes a little more beautiful with your presence

There is nothing more pleasurable than knowing that your presence makes this world a better world to live in. When you are aware, gentle, kind and loving to yourself, you radiate the same energy to the world, and you impact lives of those who you meet in a positive way, every single day. You get enormous joy and blessings back as a circle of life, and that is how you move forward in life with purpose serving humanity and beyond.


Everything we learn from this Universe belongs to the Universe and sharing what we know is the best way of giving something back. With Love, Judecy x

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