llegedly, Zante (Zakynthos Greek Island) is thought to be a 18-25 year olds' clubbing destination and nothing much, but this far from the truth. The fact is there is so much going on in this small island of 50000 population which is quite understated. This island is every bit a perfect sun seeker's holiday destination for singles, couples or families of all ages.

Snorkelling and diving

 Zante is amazing for snorkelling and diving. It has all the luxuries of getting escorted by tour operators to the best spots in the Mediterranean sea for the underwater adventures. Keri caves and blue caves are a must visit place for snorkelling lovers where the sea water is crystal clear and warm in summer. If you are going there for a longer vacation, you can explore many other beach corners around the island on your own. There are plenty to look forward to.


Exploring on your own

You can hire speedboats or kayaks and set onto the sea on your own. Don't forget to take packed lunches or takeaways and drinking water along with you. There are other boats that carry up to 25 passengers at a time and take you to specific destinations, however, if you want to spend private adventure with your friends or family then hiring your own is recommended. You can sit, relax and enjoy the gorgeous blue beauty at your own pace.


Food & Dining

 You can find cuisines from all over the world, but if you want to try authentic Greek food, there are plenty places to eat everywhere in different town centers. You will be impressed by the Medditeranean heart warming style of service found in the restaurants over there. The best thing about dining in Zante in summer is the amazingly relaxed and lively musical atmosphere, blending so well with the nightlife without having to worry about sweat, rain or chill as it will be at its perfect temperature at night, bringing out the ideal combination of a dream holiday. Dining there is in itself a unique experience that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Transportation inside the Island

The best way to get around Zante is by car, scooter/motor bikes and quad bikes. The island is fairly small with a journey time of around 1.5 hours travelling from the North to down south on wheels. Traffic is minimal and there are simple road signs on major routes for easy follow if you don't have a navigation system. These vehicles are available for hire in all major towns and are very affordable and convenient way of exploring the Island. Scooters and quads can be so much fun and the whole experience of riding a bike through the hills and turns with a cool breeze on your face makes the entire trip worth it.


Other highlights

Overall, Zante is a complete package with great combination of sightseeing, sun bathing, sea swimming, diving, water activities, family friendly, great weather, easy access to transportation hire, amazing food and night life, relaxed atmosphere, suitable for low budget hotels and apartments, English speaking country and a bit of everything from an adventure seeker's eye to a typical family for an annual vacation.

And last but not the least, the trip to Zante is not complete without visiting the famous Navagio beach and its view from the top to witness the most photographed and picturesque cliff on earth.







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